Hallozeve youtube launch

Saturday 28th of October 2023
7pm onward

on Youtube
File submissions close Oct 15th

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(to submit audio-visual media / sign up to be interviewed)

Hi, this is Alex. Since 2020, Ive Sorocuk and I have been making video launches to catch up with zinemakers to see what they’ve been up to. The launch night is a nice evening to hang out in the chat with other zinemakers while we finish our stapling.

You can see the launches of previous years here: https://www.youtube.com/@hallozeen/videos

What’s good video content?

  • - Animation / bumpers / cutscenes

  • - A tour of your zinemaking area / studio / sketchbook / zine collection / online zine store

  • - A zinemaking skill you’d like to demonstrate

  • - Trailers / commercials for upcoming hallozeens

  • - Readings of your existing hallozeens, or of your favourite hallozeens, like how they read books on Playschool

  • - If you don’t want to be the reader, submit a pdf of your own hallozeen and we could find someone to do a dramatic reading of it

  • - Adapt a hallozeen into a found footage horror movie

  • - Cryptozinology: the secret life of zinemakers but they’re cryptids / only human-passing at zine fairs

  • - Something else related to halloween/zines/zinemakers you are keen to record and send in


Video interviews:

*I arrange a time with you for a zoom call
*I can email you the questions ahead of time
*I screen-record the video of us talking
*You get to choose how you’d like to appear / what camera angle you’re comfortable with, can point the camera at your hands or a puppet or a filter
*Ive Sorocuk edits these down to make you and me look like we know what we’re talking about

Text interviews:

*I send you a list of questions
*You send back your answers to the questions you’d like to answer, including relevant images
*Ive Sorocuk edits these into a text-to-speech animation with the questions spoken by the beloved Hallozeen Ghost (pictured)
*You can send in 2 images of a character (mouth open / mouth closed) to represent your narrator

Apply to be interviewed / submit audio-visual media here

File submissions close Oct 15th